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Monday, February 18, 2008

Bamboo + Wool = Luxury

Bamboo also equals a lower carbon footprint, is less environmentally damaging than any other fabric, and is among the most luxurious materials you will ever sleep next to. Bamboo is naturally pest resistant, so we reduce the amount of pesticides leaching into our environment by choosing bamboo over other fabrics.

Much like wool, which we use as the insulating material in our blankets, bamboo is also anti-microbial (meaning things like fungus and bacteria don't like to grow in it,) moisture-wicking, and incredibly durable.

We are only carrying a small supply of the bamboo covered regular weight duvets for the time being. We hope to be able to expand this line to include the summer and deluxe weights as well!


  1. I have purchased wool pillows and comforters from Sleepy Sheep, and they are amazing! I have frequent night sweats and I would need to change blankets and pillows at night. With my new wool products, they seem to magically evaporate all the moisture, so I don’t wake up clammy and freezing cold. When I first received it,
    When I first received it, I was surprised how much lighter it was than my old down comforter, and how much more insulating

    I will always buy wool from now on. Thank you Sleepy Sheep!

  2. You're very welcome. Glad to hear that your sleep has improved, and that you are being kept warm and dry!


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