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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The lengths I go to for a good nights sleep...

Justin and I just got back from a relaxing weekend in Whistler staying at the parent's condo. I love the condo. I love the hot tub, the pool, the condo itself, the bathtub, the view, and the location. I love the birds singing outside the windows. I even love the layout of the condo.

But I can't stand the bed. The bed is king-sized, covered in a down duvet, with synthetic down-style poly-filled pillows, and it has the feel of a slab of granite.

Luckily, we have our wool pillows and a regular weight king size wool duvet tidied away in the storage locker. The first thing we do is unmake the bed, and place the down duvet underneath the fitted sheet, which provides some extra padding. (I really should bring up a wool overlay next visit, and we could do away with the lumpy down duvet all together.) Then we swap the poly-filled pillows out and replace them with our wool-filled pillows, which pop up in about 5 seconds to their former loft and glory after 6 months stuffed inside a tiny airtight plastic bag with the air sucked out. Then we make the bed with the wool duvet on top.

A little extra work perhaps, but a relaxing weekend requires a relaxing sleep; sleeping in an uncomfortable bed with uncomfortable bedding just doesn't cut it. (I started taking a wool duvet and pillow with me even when we go camping; it makes sleeping in the wilderness a lot more civilized, and camping is a lot more fun when you can actually sleep at night.)

It was a lovely weekend, and I feel re-energized by the time away. But am I ever looking forward to cuddling up to sleep in my queen sized wool and latex bed, with all of my gorgeous wool bedding.

Sleep. Yum.

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  1. Man does that sound good! What is more supportive than a good night's sleep!


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