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Friday, October 3, 2008

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October 2, 2008 Why Wool? Falling for Wool

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Wooly Tips

Pull your duvet down over the foot of your bed during the day, and open the curtains in the bedroom to allow sunlight it! This will help to keep your bed and bedding fresh and microbe free by allowing moisture trapped in your bed during sleep to evaporate.

And the Winner Is...

Congratulations go out to J.J. Boulet, winner of the contest!

"My friends JJ and Marie love their wool duvet so much, the have asked my wife to lie down and be covered up by it so that we can feel how incredible it is. Now she wants a whole bedding set, so I hope we win!" - M. Walker

Congratulations J.J. Boulet and M. Walker, both proud recipients of $50 gift certificates for the shop!

Check out more great things our customers have to say about us on the feedback page.

Bamboo for Fall

bamboo glisteningWhat do pandas and SleepySheep have in common? We love bamboo! Our luxurious bamboo duvets are filled with our high-loft, all natural wool. Bamboo and wool work together to keep you comfortable and healthy the night through by wicking moisture away and releasing it into the atmosphere, are non-microbial, anti-fungal, and naturally flame retardant, without any need for toxic chemicals.

Bamboo also has the lowest environmental of any fabric, due to an incredible growth rate, and a complete lack of chemicals used to process these woody grasses into luxurious fabric.

Take advantage of our fall savings on bamboo!

What product would you like us to add to our site?

We are looking at expanding our product offerings, and we are wondering what products you would like to see us add to our site. Send us a message at: and let us know!

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