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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Newsletter, January 4, 2009

January 4, 2009 Why Wool? Happy New Year!

Healthy Sleep...

Wooly Tips

Sleep with a wool bedding package and save on heating costs! Stay cozy warm while you lower your thermostat and save on heating this winter season.

As an added bonus, you stay healthier by sleeping in a cooler room; this keeps airborne viruses to a minimum and inhibits the growth of mold and fungus.


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Who Is is a family owned and operated business.
Justin and Chelsea run the website, while Justin's mom and dad, Anne and Don, manufacture our wool bedding in beautiful North Vancouver, BC.
Our concern for the health of our family, sustainable business practices, and environmental responsibilty, guide us in our material and manufacturing choice
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Happy New Year!

Brrrr... I am wrapped up in a regular weight duvet as I type this newsletter, and like most other folks in and around beautiful Vancouver, Canada, I am hoping the snow will slow down.

Sleeping baby

Being trapped indoors by the snow has given us time to reflect on the many successes that 2008 has brought us. The past year has been incredible, with the launch of, the attention our products have recieved from various parenting groups, and the launch of our Organic Cotton and Bamboo bedding lines. And of course our crib mattresses have already brought comfort and joy to little babies and their families across North America.
We are incredibly greatfull to our customers, our friends in the community, especially the folks at, (a great resource for moms on the go), and our friends at, who provide great seminars for new parents in our area. A special note of thanks to our friends at the FastForward Group.
2009 is going to be an amazing year, with the addition of full-sized beds for sale in the summer. (Our test King Size bed, made from Organic Cotton, Natural Latex Gold, and of course Wool, is being setup next week in our bedroom so that we can make sure we are offering our customers the healthiest and best sleep possible.) Stay tuned for updates! Spring will also bring the addition of sheet sets, pillow cases, and duvet covers, so get ready for April!

Tips for a Healthier Sleep

  • Stop drinking caffinated beverages at least 12 hours before your bedtime, as caffiene can cause restless sleep
  • Keep alchohol consumption to a minimum
  • Make sure that your pillow is arranged above your shoulders to support your neck without pushing your head up
  • Only sleep with bedding that is made from natural materials to avoid off-gassing
  • Keep air circulating to improve air quality

Gift Certificates

Along with the other exciting additions to the site in 2009, we have added the ability for our customers to buy Gift Certificates through PayPal!

Our bedding is truly a gift that keeps on giving. A healthy good night's sleep in luxury and comfort is unbeatable.
All of our products make great gifts for Weddings, Housewarmings, Birthdays, and of course Baby Showers!


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